. . . Every once in a while, something truly special comes up. That certainly appears to be the case with Tali’s most recent release a stunning new single titled Standstill. A winning combination of pop and tastefully electronic music dialed in the right way.”

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Free Free, a real chillout hit . . . a product of pop music and chillout lo-fi beats coming together, rolling around in a sensual and captivating melody that creates sweet and addictive harmonies you’d like to listen to ad libitum.”

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Featuring a sensational performance from dancers Charity and Andres, Tali Leda’s new single and video Standstill takes the piano ballad format and leads it subtly and stylishly into the realm of classic EDM. . . . Brilliant, a personal favorite so far. ”

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The vocals are what give Free Free real appeal. Tali’s voice is silky smooth and her vocal melodies float along weightlessly, hitting notes you’ll want to keep on repeat. The song itself deals with rebelling against social norms and living life on your own terms, blending elements of pop, chill and trip-hop masterfully, with a vibe reminiscent of Lorde or Julien Baker.”

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Music runs in Tali Leda’s DNA, there’s no denying that! She has such a gift in her ability to evoke powerful emotions and empathy. Standstill is equally as astounding as her previous works. ”

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