Tali Leda’s passion for singing and songwriting started at the ripe old age of seven, in a little apartment in Queens, New York, when she wrote her first original song Another Peanut Butter Love Song. Tali’s fondness for peanut butter was poetically expressed in her first song. It's as if another John Lennon or Joni Mitchell was born. 

There's an interesting story behind Tali’s desire to pursue music as a career. Tali was adopted when she was a baby. Her adoptive parents are wonderful people, but they don't have a musical bone in their bodies. Several years ago, Tali tracked down her birth mother and discovered music runs deep in her blood. Her mom was a singer, her biological father was a pianist and bass player and graduated from the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, and her maternal grandfather was a percussionist for the Boston Symphony for many years. 

Currently, Tali calls Los Angeles her home, and in addition to her adoration for music, she loves belly laughs, witty banter, biking, hiking, tennis and speaking her mind. Tali's distinctive blend of pop music melding electronic and organic sounds, soulful lyrics and addictive melodies have led to many of her original songs being featured on major TV shows and in indie films. A few of her notable placements include Shameless (Showtime), Charmed (The CW), Madam Secretary (CBS), and Dancing with the Stars (ABC). Her songs were also finalists in the pop category for both The John Lennon Songwriting Contest and The Billboard World Song Contest.