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Tali Leda is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter who writes soulful lyrics and addictive pop and adult alternative music. Her original songs have been featured in major TV shows and in indie films. A few highlights include Shameless (Showtime), Charmed (The CW) and Madam Secretary (CBS).

". . . Truly special . . . A winning combination of pop and tastefully electronic music . . . timeless charisma and ability to connect with listeners on a much deeper level." - BANDCAMP DIARIES

". . . Sweet and addictive harmonies you'd like to listen to ad-libitum." - A&R FACTORY (TOP 10 BLOG 2020)

" Tali's voice is striking and carries each melody through with undeniable emotion. . . . Brilliant, a personal favorite so far. - STEREO STICKMAN

"Tali’s voice is silky smooth and her vocal melodies float along weightlessly, hitting notes you’ll want to keep on repeat." - XUNE MAG